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    General Forum Rules
    – Multiple accounts are not allowed.
    – Disposable emails ( are not allowed.
    – Do not use a VPN or Proxy when using the site.
    – Do not impersonate another person or user.

    – All posts should be meaningful and relevant. Single word or emoji posts are not meaningful and relevant.
    – Post in the category relevant to your question, message, or post. If you’re not sure, that’s okay. Just do your best to put your post where you think it belongs.
    – Title your threads properly so people know what they’re looking at.
    – Do not post the same content multiple times. If someone already posted the content, respond to that thread instead of creating a new thread.
    – Posting only to increase your post count/ranking is not allowed. Short sentences, single words, emojis, or irrelevant content will be removed.
    – Don’t formAT your text INTENsively!!!! Using ExCeSsIvE amounts of bolding or caps is NOT ALLOWED!!! Also, don’t use too many punctuations. If you would like to post an exclamation point, that’s fine, but DON’T GO overBOARD!!!!!!!!!
    – Don’t post inappropriate content. If it’s something that would be inappropriate for a two year old, it’s inappropriate for this forum.
    – No advertising or spamming. This forum is not to be used to promote yourself or your business or to spam other users. This forum is to learn about and discuss security content.
    – Don’t discuss illegal content. Posting cracks, serial keys, or illegally obtained copyrighted content is not allowed.
    – Do not post to outside sources that are inappropriate. All links should also be appropriate for a two-year old. That means no inappropriate language, sexual content, etc.
    – This is not a political or a religious forum. Do not post content regarding either of these topics within the forum.
    – Do not post content regarding hacking, cracking, exploiting, or creating malware. This forum is dedicated to malware discussions, but that doesn’t mean talking about creating it. You may talk about analyzing it, testing it, or removing it, as long as your discussions do not involve harming another individual.
    – “My life is terrible!” “Blah, blah, blah!” This is a security forum, not a forum to talk about drama or your personal life.

    – Inappropriate language is NOT ALLOWED.
    – Post please English language use you must, proper grammar and spelng. as well as proper punct.uation is required. Sum people bad at this; but do your best.
    – Do not replace inappropriate language with **** or $&@#. Also, you may not replace some letters with other symbols. (ex. in@ppr*pr#ate)
    – Kindness is key. Attacking or insulting others is never allowed. Don’t use content that could be seen as offensive by some people.
    – Don’t moderate if you’re not a moderator. Don’t pretend to be a moderator, complain about moderation, etc.
    – No trolling, spamming, attacks, illegal activities, inappropriate content, duplicate posts, or inappropriate material.

    Profile Picture, Biography, and Cover Photo
    – You must follow all previous content regarding your profile picture, cover photo, and biography.
    – No inappropriate images.
    – No advertising or promotion.
    – No spamming, trolling, etc.

    External Content
    – Plagiarism is never allowed. If you want to present an external source, that’s fine, just post the link and never post actual content from the site.

    Questions, Comments, and Concerns
    – If you are unhappy with moderation standards, want to report someone/something, or just want to ask a question, please post to our contact form on our home page.

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