The Dead Old Software Archive (DOS Archive) was founded several years ago and was dedicated to preserving the history of classic software for DOS, at a time when Windows was quickly taking over. The archive originally started as a collection of disks and later grew to include software for platforms other than just DOS, such as Windows, Macintosh System Software, NextStep, and IBM OS/2.

As the archive continued to grow well beyond a DOS collection, the name was changed to The Aerdian Classic Software Archive. We are now working to bring the archive to a modern, digital world available for everyone to enjoy, helping to keep old hardware alive and prosperous. Technology is an important part of history that can’t be lost. We are working hard to create a modern, fast, easy-to-use, and safe platform for people to download old software to bring their old hardware back to life for many years to come.

The software, games, and drivers we host must meet several qualifications before they can be hosted on our digital archive. Our goal is to keep past technology alive for future generations, without causing damage to developers or resellers. We only host abandonware and freeware. In simple terms, abandonware is software that has been abandoned by the copyright holder or legal owner, while freeware is software that is available freely, regardless of the age of the software or the status of available support. We take piracy very seriously and will always do our best to meet all of these guidelines to help ensure there is no financial loss under any circumstance. We aim to be collectors and historians, not pirates. If you own the rights to any item on this site and wish it to be removed, just send us a message below. If you find any item on the site that violates any of our guidelines, regardless of whether or not you are the legal copyright holder, send us a message below. We will do our best to remove any infringing downloads as quickly as possible.

What is abandonware?

Abandonware is software that is no longer sold in-store or online and is no longer supported by the owner. For more information regarding abandonware, check out Wikipedia.

Is this legal?

We do our best to ensure that all content posted on our site is truly abandoned, which is why we have strict guidelines to help prevent any issues. A key distinction to software piracy is that it deprives the copyright holder of revenue it would receive from selling the content, which is why we always do our best to ensure that content posted on this website is not sold through any official means where the copyright holder would receive revenue, including with re-releases. Even though a lot of the content posted on this site is protected under copyright law, we are not deliberately withholding revenue from the copyright owner, which is what makes software piracy bad. We are not responsible for any downloads which may be illegal in your country. If you find any of our content sold through official means, please contact us to let us know immediately. In short, companies cannot receive revenue on products that are no longer available for sale.

Is this safe?

We scan all content before posting it on our site to help prevent the spread of malware. We also test the content to help ensure it works correctly and that it doesn’t cause damage, including from malware, however, we are not responsible for any damage that may be caused as a result of any of our downloads or links to third-party websites. Take reasonable precautions and use them at your own risk.

Do I have to have an account?

No. Accounts are only required to post in our forum. To help protect your safety and privacy, we do not offer accounts on our main site. Unless you send us an email, leave a comment, or join our forum, we do not have access to your name, email address, or any personally identifiable information. Our full privacy policy can be found here.

Why are there two download links for each product?

We offer two ways to download our content. The first way is through the main servers, generally done through the Internet Archive. The second way is through a cloud storage server. Speeds and availability may differ. If one link doesn’t work correctly, try the other link. If neither one works correctly, contact us here and we will try to resolve the problem.

Are there download limits?

We do not limit the number of downloads per day for any specific IP address, however, our cloud server does have a daily limit. This is for all downloads and not for specific users.

Why do some items include buy links instead of download links?

For some content, we may post product pages even though it is not truly abandonware. If this is the case, we will post a link where you can purchase that product through the owner or an authorized seller.

I own the copyright to content on this site and want it taken down or found it available for purchase (excluding used copies sold by various sellers). What should I do?

We sincerely apologize if this has happened and would be happy to take it down promptly. Instead of sending us a DMCA takedown notice, we would appreciate a simple email explaining the situation and letting us know of the exact content you would like removed. This will most likely be much faster, simpler, and easier. You may report content by clicking here or choosing the report button on any product page.

Can I request a new product to be added?

Yes! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, send us a quick email letting us know what you’d like to be added and we will do our best to find it if it meets our guidelines. If you have a copy you can provide us to post, that would be very much appreciated.

Why do you not post serials or product keys?

Content that is protected by a serial key or product key may be available for download, however, we do not post activation keys. This is to help prevent copyright infringement, as well as possible issues whereby someone may not purchase a newer version of the software when an old version does what they need it for. We try to prevent this not only by not offering keys but also with our strict guidelines for posting content. While product keys may be freely available online, we request that you only download the program(s) if you own a legal copy and thus, a legal product key.

How can I support this project?

There are many ways you can support the project. We are always on a hunt for more abandonware, so if you have some available, we’d love to post them (as long as they meet our guidelines). You can also help by posting screenshots, adding or editing descriptions, adding or editing instructions, testing content on different platforms, etc. If you want to help, send us an email here!

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